LLM Blueprint: Enabling Text-to-Image Generation with Complex and Detailed Prompts

**ICLR 2024** Leaverging LLM to generate complex scenes in Zero-Shot.

S3A: Towards Realistic Zero-Shot Classification via Self Structural Semantic Alignment

**AAAI 2024**, **Oral** Self-structural Alignment of Foundational Models for Zero-Shot.

Align Your Prompts: Test-Time Prompting with Distribution Alignment for Zero-Shot Generalization

**NeurIPS 2023** Test-Time Alignment of Foundational Models for Zero-shot.

Self-regulating Prompts: Foundational Model Adaptation without Forgetting

**ICCV 2023** Self-regularization for foundational vision-language models during fine-tuning.

Video-FocalNets: Spatio-Temporal Focal Modulation for Video Action Recognition

**ICCV 2023** Spatio-temporal focal modulation for video recognition is an efficient network.

FLIP: Cross-domain Face Anti-spoofing with Language Guidance

**ICCV 2023** Face anti-spoofing by adapting foundational vision-language models like CLIP.

Frequency Domain Adversarial Training for Robust Volumetric Medical Segmentation

**MICCAI 2023** Frequency domain adversarial training for robust medical segmentation.

Vita-CLIP: Video and text adaptive CLIP via Multimodal Prompting

**CVPR 2023** Adapting vision language Foundational models like CLIP for video recognition.

CLIP2Protect: Protecting Facial Privacy Using Text-Guided Makeup via Adversarial Latent Search

**CVPR 2023** Adversarial transfer of textually defined Makeup for facial privacy.

PromptCAL: Contrastive Affinity Learning via Auxiliary Prompts for Generalized Novel Category Discovery

**CVPR 2023** Novel class discovery through prompting.