Frequency Domain Adversarial Training for Robust Volumetric Medical Segmentation


It is imperative to ensure the robustness of deep learning models in critical applications such as, healthcare. While recent advances in deep learning have improved the performance of volumetric medical image segmentation models, these models cannot be deployed for real-world applications immediately due to their vulnerability to adversarial attacks. We present a 3D frequency domain adversarial attack for volumetric medical image segmentation models and demonstrate its advantages over conventional input or voxel domain attacks. Using our proposed attack, we introduce a novel frequency domain adversarial training approach for optimizing a robust model against voxel and frequency domain attacks. Moreover, we propose frequency consistency loss to regulate our frequency domain adversarial training that achieves a better tradeoff between model’s performance on clean and adversarial samples. Code is publicly available at

In * Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2023*
Muzammal Naseer
Muzammal Naseer

My research interests include adversarial attacks and defenses, Attention based Modeling and Out of distribution Generalization.